Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Good Morning NALG Members, Families, Friends & Supporters,

The next NALG QLD event will be held on Sunday 10th June 2018

This event is an important one in the NALG QLD calendar as it is the 'NALG QLD CAPTAIN'S CHALLENGE'

This year the inaugural  'Captain's Challenge' for our 2018 Captain, Mr Jeff Hogan,  will be played at OXLEY GOLF CLUB (290 Boundary Road, Oxley) with tee times from 8.30am so you have the afternoon free.

As it is an important event, NALG QLD are subsidising the difference of the fees as part of the  'give back to NALG QLD' philosophy for 2018 so we look forward to as many as possible teeing up this year in the 'Captain's Challenge'.

The 'Captain's Challenge' this year is a set package deal for all.  The cost for each player will be $50 as NALG QLD are subsidising the difference. The 'Captain's Challenge' package deal for all players includes the playing fees, shared cart (all players will be in a cart for the 'Captain's Challenge') and lunch afterwards during presentations.

To book a tee time (from 8.30am) for the 'Captain's Challenge' on Sunday, 10th June 2018  at Oxley Golf Club, please EMAIL Oxley Golf Club directly at proshop@oxleygolfclub.com.au  and include your name, golflink number and mention NALG QLD June 10th. Please contact President Col Clark if needing additional information.

Don't forget that Oxley Golf Club's PGA Professional Channon Ryan has a range of left handed golfing equipment available for purchase that is worth having a look at if you're after something new and exciting to add to your golf bag or to enhance your game. Have a chat to Channon or one of the club professionals on Sunday 10th June 2018 before or after the round.